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Zodiac® MX8™ Elite Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner


This is the NEW Zodiac MX8 Elite Automatic suction Side Cleaner. The MX8 Elite is the first suction side cleaner to come equipped with brushes to scrub and clean the pool surface. The Zodiac MX8 Elite sets the standard for elite suction side pool cleaners. What this cleaner does is quite revolutionary. Based on the Zodiac MX8 design which uses rotating scrubbers, but before this version the scrubbers did not actually touch the pool surface until the Elite version added brushes to the bottom of the scrubbers. So now as the scrubbers spin, the brushes lift off caked on dirt and algae. You can actually hear them scrubbing the surface with a microphone in the water (I used my waterproof camera mic to pick up the sounds). The scrubbing action will put this cleaner a the top of the list in cho/p>

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